The Pussyhat Project: Craftivism in shades of Pink

I know, it’s been awhile since I posted and I can only blame crochet, gardening, grief, Handmade at Amazon, Etsy and most recently Instagram. Distractions are the key to my life so while I won’t apologize, I will try to catch up.

I only recently became aware of the Pussyhat Project – a wonderful initiative to “pink hat” everyone in attendance at the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st. (Greater minds, and writers, have posted details of the project so I won’t repeat them – click the link or just google “pussyhat project” to learn more)

Truly, if there’s one constant among stitchers, it’s that we give until our fingers bleed. So while I’ve stitched several hats in route to DC, I’m also offering a free crochet pattern. I call this my Pink On Pink Pussyhat. Stitched in two shades of pink and using a tweak of the “plaid” stitch, it works up quickly, is uber-warm, has EARS! and is quite simply rows of double crochets, chains and skipped double crochets.

If wordpress loves me you should be able to download the pattern in pdf format by clicking on the photograph. If you’re nervous about that, check back on the pussyhat project website as I am submitting the pattern to them as well. It’s 8 pages long with loads of pics and I’m pretty sure even a beginning stitcher can make it happen. cover-front-and-back

And on that note, I’ll sign off. Btw, if you want to follow my crochet (and gardening and cooking antics) you can find me on Instagram @ _jesses_mom

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