Crochet Cat Ear Hat

Too cute.

Crochet Ribbed Hat with CAT =^.^= Ears!

Crochet Ribbed Hat with CAT =^.^= Ears!

Used an H hook and Red Heart Super Saver in Aran Fleck (think that’s the name of the color). I had two slightly less than 1/2 skeins and didn’t use up the 2nd skein. So, this hat should use less than a skein. (Maybe 3/4? Next time, measure or use a fresh skein to determine amount)

Chain 37

Half double crochet 35

Ribbing pattern: Working in 3rd chain in front, repeat half double crochets until panel measures 10″ long when folded in half (duh, that’s 20″) which with a slight amount of stretch fits my head

Fold in half with wrong sides together and stitch the (back) seam. Work slip stitches but use the 3rd chain in the front and the top chain in the back. Make sure before stitching together that the ribbed look is continuous in the seam.

Flip inside out and stitch up the top. Use a hook one size smaller to make it easier to just catch the top stitches with a slip stitch. Again, be sure to align the ribs to match.

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